Friday, June 27, 2008

Mangaworkshop Collab, Page 1

(Text copied and pasted from my art blog, sorry about that, its all for the sake of context!)

When I was in college I visited pretty frequently, and over the years I've become a mod there, trying to help out kids with their art and whatnot. I am not so active in that community anymore but from time to time I try to stay on top of things.

Anyways to the point, one of the activities they tend to do over there is a Collaborative Manga. What it is its one artist starts drawing a story (lets say 3 pages) and the next artist picks off where the last guy left off, does the next few pages and so on and so forth, giving you a pretty interesting mix of art, stories, plot twists and general nonsense.

They have reached their fourth iteration of this activity and I decided I should help them out with the first few pages, I don't know how many I'll do but for me is a good experiment to see how much I can get done in a limited time frame. Page one is finished and it took about 3 hours total.


Salvaggio said...

Looks good. I'm starting to enjoy your new color choice, should we call it your "orange period"? Anyway, I'll have to check in at the workshop to see the rest of the comic.

Xavier Garcia said...

Ha, you could call it my "NERF period" I am definitely exploring colors a bit right now, but whenever I go back to regular coloring, hopefully my choice of colors will be better because of all this experimenting.

I'll post the rest of the pages here as I make them, don't worry about that :)